School is over. Time to play.

Update on my studies and my secret to achieving the impossible

It’s time for a long-needed update. College is long over. I finished Summa Cum Laude and 4.0  GPA (out of 4.0). I surprised myself, not that I was capable, I knew that I was, but that I accomplished it! So many things could have gone wrong:

  • I rushed it. I finished what should’ve been at least two years in 16 months!
  • I held a full-time job with a long commute the whole time.
  • Crazed with a hunger for knowledge, I participated in a very intensive Cisco program for 3 months during the same time.
  • Let’s not forget that I’m also a primary caregiver.

What was I thinking? That I could do it all?

Well, what were you thinking?!

I had one simple motto which guided me in that time:

Failure is not an option.

I think that was my secret. Whenever I felt weak, whenever I was tired, whenever I wanted a break, I repeated it to myself and pushed harder. And who would’ve known? The impossible became a reality.

I don’t understand why there is such a negative attitude towards pursuit of perfection. Adopting perfectionist attitude makes sense. Just look what happens when you turn it into a question:

Can you achieve the impossible if failure IS an option?

So, next time you think achieving your goals is too hard for you, I hope you’ll take me as an example. I did it against all odds. So can you.

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