Little tweaks here and there

Status update on CyberKitto development.
Tired eyes? Listen to it instead.
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I’ve been able to tweak several issues that have been bugging me. It’s exciting. Everything is coming together.

Most recent updates:

  1. Completely redesigned front page. Using Elementor page builder. I love the new look but there are still few things I’m wondering if I’ll need to change:
    • The 4 blocks. These are the first 4 items you see when you land on the page: Articles, Web Works, Ungoogleables and Projects. I thought this might be the more likely wanted content for someone that just arrives and can be there in lieu of navigation BUT it doesn’t match the top navigation menu that is everywhere else on the site. Is that a problem?
    • Footer. I really like the focused kitty. But it doesn’t match footers everywhere else (and I don’t want to change those). Can I have a different footer on the front page?
    • Whitespace. Is there enough, should I add more? I’m all for minimizing so seeing all that wasted space hurts me a bit inside but whitespace does have its place. I’m torn up about it.
  2. Front page responsiveness. I’m glad I checked what my built-from-scratch Elementor page looked like on smaller screens. It was a mess! Blocks overlapped each other. Headings were typed inside other headings. Agh. It was awful. I’ve been fixing all elements so it’s easy to use and presentable whatever device you access the page from. 
  3. Sticky note revamped. Added a tilt effect and a tape to hold it together! It was a fun little CSS manipulation.
  4. Blockquote redesigned. Trying out a brand new CSS. 
  5. Contact form. The new page is now live and the form is working. I already got my first few spam emails 🙂 and so adding reCaptcha was necessary. I’ll adjust the page design a bit more later but for now, at least it’s functional.
  6. The headline. This is a big change. Originally, the headline was Tech-Talk but it was bugging me. Who exactly am I talking to? This is not a talk show. Finally, I got a new idea that makes much more sense. As of now, this blog is officially called CyberKitto Tech-Curious
  7. The niche. Segueing from the above point, the new headline also gave me a slightly clearer idea as to in which direction the content will go in the future. 
  8. Amazon Polly. Activated Polly to enable reading of the posts. This is a rather important topic for me and deserves its own article. Coming soon.
  9. AWS tweaks. Added a little more security to the AWS hosting I’m using. There’s still a ton I need to learn about AWS to optimize this blog.

Hang in there. The development time is almost over.

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