WordPress is getting a new editor. Join me as I take on the challenge of joining in the testing efforts.
Project status: First phase complete. Pending further steps.

Project status:
Almost there...

Currently, Gutenberg is available as a plugin. Add it to your WordPress site and take it out for a spin. Discover new features or new takes on old features.


Helpful links:

About testing: https://make.wordpress.org/test/handbook/call-for-testing/gutenberg-testing/

Gutenberg on Github: https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg

Slack community #core-test: https://wordpress.slack.com/messages/C03B0H5J0/


Join the testing efforts and be a part of the voices who shape the future of WordPress development.

Bumpy beginnings

I started the testing several weeks ago. Unsure of where it was best to start, I began by going through everything with a fine-toothed comb – each feature, each option, each opinion. Soon, I realized that I was getting too deep in, and that at the rate I was going, it was going to take me months to complete.

In the meantime, entire teams of testers and developers were improving Gutenberg, ironing out issues, smoothing out bugs and eventually, releasing new versions of Gutenberg. And now, I had to retest issues I’ve already tested and fully reported on a new version of the editor. I realized that I was never going to be able to keep up. I had to change my approach.

Evolution of purpose

Finally, I decided to change my entire approach. Instead of writing a fully opinionated review, I focused on what would be relevant to the development team. What do they really want to know? What really doesn’t work as I expected it to? What do I, the user, find the most frustrating?

This helped me rewrite my review and finally get it out to the people who need it.

The first round of Gutenberg testing

What’s next

Gutenberg is not finished yet. More changes are coming and more testing will be needed down the road. Right now, I’m waiting to hear the feedback if my report is in an acceptable format. If not, I’ll tweek it. If yes, I’ll sit back and wait for more updates.

Or maybe I’ll dive into the mess of what’s going on in Gutenberg Github space. We’ll see.

I’ll keep my original lengthy review going, keep adding to it but will hold back on publishing it until I test Gutenberg further.

Latest news on Gutenberg: https://wordpress.org/news/2018/07/update-on-gutenberg/. In short, they’re pushing for people to start using Gutenberg.

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